Writing and Photoghraphy by Jake Pulliam

Pho Smoked Beef with Cold Noodle Salad


A little bit of an experiment. I toasted pho spices (star anise, corriander seed, cinnamon, etc.) and ground them fine. Mixed with salt and brown sugar and then used that for rub on a beef roast. I popped it in the smoker but I’ve had a hard time controlling the temperature. The flavor was spot on, tasted just like smokey pho. But the texture was pretty bad. Very tough. The noodle salad was just good quality plain ramen noodles with a bunch of veggies. I tossed them with a lime / soy / sesame oil dressing I just tossed together. Next time I’ll be much more careful with the beef and the cook temperature. I’ll also write down the recipe.